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Cilio Porcelain Filter Holder

Cilio Porcelain Filter Holder


Great for making great tasting coffee at home or while traveling. Available in #2, #4, or #6 for when you need a cup or a pot.

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Manual pour-over drip brewing is one of the easiest ways to make great coffee.  For the coffee purest we offer a very basic coffee maker. All you need is a pack of good quality paper filters, a tea kettle, and one of our filter cone holders. It’s main function is to hold a cone filter in place for gravity feed coffee brewing into a waiting mug, carafe, jug or thermos. You control the exact temperature of water you use from your water kettle to brew your coffee (idealy 200 degrees), and you control the water flow, so the grounds get evenly saturated. There are two main variables that most drip coffee makers do not do well.

Made of heavy grade porcelain. There is one hole at the bottom, to slowly regulate the coffee filtration. It will work best with level containers with and inside opening from 2 3/8 inch to 4 inches. Containers that will work well are: a wide mouth thermos, a 4 to 8 cup french press beaker glass, or any other container with the above mentioned diameter openings, even a wide mouth mason jar.

How to brew: Rinse filter holder with hot water. Set atop of coffee pot, insulated server or mug. Place a permanent or paper filter inside holder. Add ground coffee (medium to fine grind). Per cup (5fl. oz. / 150 ml) use 0.3 oz. / 8 g freshly ground coffee. In a separate vessel pre-measure water and heat to approximately 200F (just below full boil). Starting in the center, pour a small amount of water in a circular motion over the ground coffee until the surface is wet. Wait for a half minute to let the coffee “bloom”, then slowly add the remaining hot water. Total brew time should be between 2.5 up to 3 minutes.

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#2, #4, #6

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