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One of China’s most famous teas. Sweet and roasty with a medium body.

2oz Bag


Some things are made for Emperors and other important people. Dragon Well is literally one of them. The Chinese have reserved the finest Dragon Well for their Emperors for over 1200 years. In fact, when Richard Nixon visited China in his historic meeting, they served him their finest tea, which happened to be Dragon Well. That’s how much the Chinese love this tea. So, if you like green tea this is a must have.

Ingredients: Green Tea       
Our Dragon Well is grown and hand plucked in Zhejiang Province, China, before the mid-April rainy season. The tea is then sent to a special area in Hangzhou that specializes in roasting and drying Dragon Well teas. The leaves are hand roasted in giant woks giving them their characteristic flat shape and roasted flavor. The result is a vibrant green color and complex flavor.
1) Bring fresh, filtered water to 180°F
2) Pour over your tea leaves in a teapot (1 spoonful of tea per serving)
3) Steep 2 minutes
4) Stir, strain, and enjoy!

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Weight .13 lbs
Coconut Pouchong

2 oz