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Honduras San Vicente

Honduras San Vicente


Roasted Light Medium
Acidity – Average
Body – Average
Sweetness – Average

Tastes of Lemon, Dark Chocolate, and Almond


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Honduras San Vicente HG E/P

Honduras – Central America

About the Farm
San Vicente started exporting coffee in 2001 and was the fulfillment of Fidel Paz’ father, Cantalicio Paz’s dream of having a
successful coffee farm. Since the initial export, the coffee has become famous for its quality and consistency. This is attributed
to the excellent volcanic soil, microclimate provided by the proximity of Lake Yojoa, and the meticulous nature of the quality
control experts at San Vicente. Not just an exporter, they also assist over 1,500 producers with planting, processing, and curating
specialty coffee lots using relationships based on trust, hard work, and passion.

Elevation – 800 meters
Varietals – Catimor,Bourbon,Lempira,Pacas
Process – Fully Washed
Harvest – October
Drying – Mechanical Dryer

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Weight .550 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 2.5 × 6.75 in