India Monsoon Malabar

India Monsoon Malabar


This is a coffee with an interesting story, harking back to the days of wooden sailing ships….with leaking decks. The trip from India to Europe took several months and the storms and waves caused the coffee near the top of the hold to become alternately wetted. This changed the flavor and appearance of the exposed beans and was originally discarded as defective until some enterprising individual got the idea to roast some up and try it. The unique flavor was a hit and it became very popular. As time marched on, advances in shipping holds and containers meant that the constant re-wetting did not occur and people missed this coffee. Some other enterprising folks in India, along the Malabar coast got the idea to duplicate the process by placing the harvested and dried coffee on racks in buildings with roofs and no sides during the Monsoon season. The succession of storms and drying replicates what used to happen on the old sailing ships so today we can again experience this unique coffee!

Monsooned Malabar features low acidity and a heavy body along with nutty, chocolate flavors leading to a creamy, caramel finish.

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Weight .550 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 x 2.5 x 6.75 in

Whole Bean – 1/2 lb, Medium Grind (drip) – 1/2 lb, Fine Grind (espresso) – 1/2 lb, Coarse Grind (french press) – 1/2 lb

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