Our beans are so fresh… You'll want to slap them!

A Bit of Black Dog Coffee

A Bit of Black Dog Coffee


Any coffee lover will enjoy a bit of Black Dog Coffee in everything all day with this great selection of items containing our fresh-roasted coffee! From that first cup in the morning to a sweet treat after dinner, Black Dog Coffee will keep you going.

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Perfect Pot Bag (3oz, ground and ready for a 8 cup brewer) of our most popular coffees: DogWatch Dark Blend, Guatemala Medium Roast, Ethiopian Light Roast
Coffee Jelly
Dark Chocolate Bear’s Bar
Milk Chocolate Bear’s Bar
White Chocolate Bear’s Bar
Magic Beans
Appalachian Chocolate Organic Chocolate w/Organic Black Dog Coffee
Cottage of Herbs Dry Coffee Rub

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Weight 2.5 lbs