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An exceptionally smooth black tea with a warm honey finish.

2oz Bag


If there’s one thing that is dear to our hearts, it’s French cuisine. We were actually sitting at a French café, enjoying some wonderful pastries when the idea of Golden Moon Tea was formed. That is why our French Breakfast tea is so smooth. This is the time you don’t want a lot of tannins. Think of the perfect tea to drink while eating sliced brioche with a pat of butter, a freshly toasted baguette with peach jam, and a croissant (or pain au chocolat for those of us who love to use fancy sounding words). Smooth tea and fresh baked goods. Yum.

Ingredients: Pure Ceylon Black Tea       
Some teas are just so good there is no reason to blend them. This is why we chose the Kenilworth Tea Garden for our French Breakfast. The Kenilworth Tea Garden is one of the most well-known and prestigious tea gardens in Sri Lanka. It is located in the Nuwara Eliya District and nestled between the great Kelani and Mahaweli Rivers and has the benefit of two monsoon seasons per year. This is what gives the long, elegant tea leaves classic and pure taste in the Ceylon style.
1) Bring fresh, filtered water to a boil
2) Pour over your tea leaves in a teapot (1 spoonful of tea per serving)
3) Steep 4 minutes
4) Stir, strain, and enjoy!

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Weight .13 lbs
Coconut Pouchong

2 oz